Advice a newbie :)

Hey all, i’m a newbie in those error-curved scans :slight_smile:
Can anybody say, is this a good result?

This is Verbatim DVD+R (mcc004) burned at 8x… with BenQ 1620,bulk, made in china

Surely you jest. :bigsmile:

zilvinas: When saving a disc quality image click the floppy disk icon in the top right of the window, save it as a png. Much easier than the method that you are using.

The scan is great.

thanks! :slight_smile:
i saved it as paint .bmp image, then converted to .png, fock * :slight_smile:
thank you, but how about those blue curves? errors are high, do i have to worry about em?

Actually errors are very low, specially PIF. This is definively a good scan.

This burn is as good as it gets. Just perfect. If you want to see how really bad burns look visit the “Hall of Shame”

thats a good competition scan, wanna try burning at higher speed and longer length movie?

thank you everyone, for your replies, i will, definetely, i will try burning FULL disc, at 16x :), but i don’t know on what mid, mcc00{3,4} or yuden000 t02?
and i DEFINETELY have to gain experience by reading the forum!