Advice a newbie please!

Hi! Ive bought the LG4163 DVD burner and ive got some questions before installing it to my PC.

  1. ASPI. Ive got windowsXP, should i install ASPI, or not? (is it necessary, recommended…?)

  2. Pautin Couffin. I had installed BlindWrite, but ive uninstalled it, along with patin couffin. I dont know if pattin couffin has been unistalled completely. I can tell you it was Version24 of pautin couffin, and that i uninstalled with the “remove” located in “start-programs-blindwrite-driver”. So, is it recommended to reinstall patin couffin? Or only in case im going to use Blindwrite too?

  3. What software do you recommend for my DVD burner? Nero? CloneCD? CloneDVD? Blindwrite? Alcohol 120? DivXtoDVD?

Thanks in advance!!

(1) Check the LG forum about the ASPI. I have XP and Liteon1633, NEC 3500. The Liteon likes ASPI 4.60 which I have. Not sure about LG.
(2) Sorry, can’t help ya here.
(3) Nero, Nero, Nero,!!!

in regards to ASPI, some programs require an external ASPI to function properly, and i’ve never heard of anyone having problems with a properly installed ASPI even if it’s not required, so i’d recommend installing adaptec’s 4.60 ASPI. do a search for forceaspi or compelaspi to install 4.60 onto your system.

I’ll do beter than that. Go to this link for your ASPI.

  1. ASPI is used by some older programs. As AZImmotal said, If it’s done right it won’t hurt.
    Linkage ->

  2. Pautin Couffin. I think only BlindWrite and assosiated programs use PC. Therefore if you arn’t using the program you don’t need it.

  3. What software do you recommend for my DVD burner? Depends what you are trying to do with it. General burning go for Nero.