Advertorial: Reset, Bypass or Recover Windows 10 / 8 / 7 Password


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In this post we’re going to tell you about Password Recovery Bundle, one of the best password recovery toolkit around. It lets you easily reset, bypass or recover Windows 10 / 8 / 7 passwords while keeping your data intact.


If you are one of those individuals that established Windows 10 using a Microsoft account I am of the opinion that this tool will not reset the password. Microsoft requires you to basically reset your password online from Microsoft. A code gets delivered to your electronic device or to your email. You enter the code into the reset password screen and then you will get to enter a new password.

I am one of those individual that created a local login and this tool specifically states that it will reset a local account password so it probably would reset my password. I am just not sure how many people have local accounts so I don’t know how useful this tool really is.


If you are using a Microsoft account then your login password is your email password so you have to go through that process instead of simply changing your login pass.

For that reason and the fact you can reset or change your Windows local password for free means this software’s usefulness is a bit limited.


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You could probably use tools like this to unlock one local user that I think exists on all modern versions of Windows: Administrator. This user is disabled by default, but I’ve seen bootable discs with password reset tools that unlock this account. These same tools can also lock/unlock any other account, meaning that one can dictate whether these accounts can be used (regardless of the users’ password.) at all with a few mouse clicks.

This could be enough to get access to one’s email password or something, which could make recovering ones MicroShaft account possible.

Personally, I would recommend avoiding this issue by keeping your passwords in a password manager like KeePass.