Advertisement reports and annoyances



norton internet security 2005 have this feature, but NIS 2007 not :frowning:


Can you tell me which party is advertising? Since those ads different for each page and each country, unfortunately, we cannot check every ad.

Anyway it is ofcouse not our intention to block functionality of the site/forum. I havenā€™t noticed any of these ads on my computer yet, but we will look into it & might change the positions a bit.


The flash ones seem to come from - the ads themselves are different each time.

Iā€™ve gotten round it by disabling the Flash plugin in IE, as the ads themseves give me a headache, and theyā€™re distracting.

As I said, the other ones, such as the text-based ones, are fine. :slight_smile:


An observationā€¦mostly just amusing, but should be of interest the administratorsā€¦

Seems to me that the Google-powered ads that appear at the top of the freaks forum are based on the frequency of [B]key words [/B]in the posts themselvesā€¦which I guess is why I noticed this just nowā€¦

Challenge: can you work out what the key words may be?


when i logged in tonightā€¦i had the volume up on my lap topā€¦i get an addā€¦YOU"VE GOT MAILā€¦something about an i phone 5 or somethingā€¦scared me todeathā€¦pop ups are one thingā€¦pop ups with soundā€¦not good :frowning: made my dog bark tooā€¦