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On CD Freaks we have a pretty simple advertisement policy, you view our banners and in replacement you can use our freely provided services. We have however some guidelines that we use to minimize annoyance.

[li]We do not serve Popups on the forum
[/li][li]You can receive Popups on the frontpage
[/li][li]Floating banners on the frontpage once a week (*)
[/li][li]We will not sell/use your e-mail address without permission
[/li][li]We respect your privacy

These guidelines are subject to change as we have to follow the market. Please understand that advertisements make the site freely accessable and we would like it to keep it this way. Large sites like ours cannot excist without advertisement, if we dissapear there will be NO site like ours possible without advertisements.

We think we have a reasonable advertising policy and it’s not open to discussion. We however use advertising agencies to serve the banners. Sometimes they also serve Popup ads on the forum, if so please inform us by posting in this thread. Also please report other advertisements that violate our policy.

*The floating banners are NO popups, can be closed and automatically dissapear after 35 seconds

Since this is already explained further below (hereand here), it was decided to supplement our advertisement policy with the following (the part above this section remains unchanged):

This forum as a search-engine friendly version (lite version). People coming from Google to our lite version will receive multiple popups. However, on the page where they arrive at our forum there is a link to the regular version of our forum where they can further use our own search function. On the regular version of this forum the above-stated conditions apply.





I seem to be getting the floating banner EVERY time I visit the main page! I thought it may be something to do with my PC but I also get it when I acces it form a number of PC’s at work…EVERY TIME!!!

Am I the only one? Is there anything I can do to fix it?

I don’t mind it once a week but EVERY SINGLE time I access the main page gets annoying after a while which is a shame as I like reading the news…



press back on your browser? they shouldnt come up twice if you dont reload the page.


Tries that, even if I hold down ‘Ctrl’ key to reload i still get it every time!!!

Any other ideas?


Just out of curiosity, do any of these ads have sound. Because while browsing the forum I suddenly heard a voice offerring me to work from home. Weird. Maybe I am going crazy. I didnt notice the ad because I was thrown off but I had no other windows open at the time.


Originally posted by Ace007
[B]Tries that, even if I hold down ‘Ctrl’ key to reload i still get it every time!!!

Any other ideas? [/B]

Are cookies working on our frontpage ?


Originally posted by DoMiN8ToR

Are cookies working on our frontpage ? [/B]

I don’t know…is anyone else having the same problem as me???


Ok, advert now sorted with CDFREAKS new look! :bigsmile:


on the main page, the ad at the top blocks me from seeing the options that come down from the links, like when i scroll over forums, and the window comes down i cant see all the sections, its the same for almost every ad. how can that be fixed, its so freakin annoying


I been loyally reading CD Freaks every weekday morning for two years.

But this is it no more.

Having a “floating banner”, nice word for a POPUP/SPAM, popup once per session/visit is OK, I can definitely accept and live with that.

BUT every freaking, no phun intended cdfreaks, time I click to view a piece of news, on the same visit, no way Jose!



The floating banner, which is totally different from a popup, should only appear once a week, as you can read on the advertisement itself. If it shows more then that, please see if you accept cookies at, and else please post again to see if we can resolve this problem!


DKDiveDude enable cookies… the floating pop-up shouldn’t appear on every page… in the time we’ve launched the new website I’ve seen the floating only a couple of times, about once every five days or so. Are you running Windows XP? You should see an icon in your status bar called Privacy Report. Click on it and set it to accept cookies from Does that work?


I’m running Windows 2000 sp3, and Opera 7.03


From your IP I can see that you are also behind a firewall, does this allow our cookies ?


And cookies and biscuits is enabled


I don’t know if they allow your cookies?


No it is not our firewall, I think, since the popup only shows one time in Internet Explorer.

But I use Opera, and want to keep using that.

Thanks for your help…


I have installed Opera and I don’t have any problem with the ads. There must be some setting in Opera that causes this, if you need more help please report back, but I would suggest to first check your settings and maybe google for the problem, as it the problem does not seem to on our side.

Of course we would like to help you in case the problem is not solved, so please report back if we can be at help!


Here’s my Preferences|Privacy settings for Opera:

Enable referrer logging - ON
Enable automatic redirection - ON
Use cookies to trace password protected pages - ON

Enable cookies - ON
Automatically accept all cookies
Accept from all servers
Throw away new cookies on exit - OFF
Display warning for illegal domains - OFF
Accept illegal path - OFF

My History and Cache preferences are set to:
Default when installed, EXCEPT:
Always check documents, images and other.

Other settings not default:
Open requested pop-up windows only
Disabled GIF animation
Disabled plugins
Show cached images only

Thanks again…