Adverse Affect of the LG firmware update

i was just asking if there have been any adverse affects caused by the new firmware and what are some advantages ( besides what LG claims are bug fixes )?

is there a way to uninstall the firmware ??( if i don`t like it for some reason ?)

None that I’ve encountered yet.

I have the LG GCE 8160B 16x10x40.

I upgraded to ver 2.01 firmware. I have yet to encounter anything bad.

I was concerned about loosing the ability to use 99 minute discs, but they still work.

I was able to locate the original 1.01 firmware on the German support site from LG. But I don’t think I’ll revert to it.

It took me longer to open the case and change the drive jumper than it did to do the firmware upgrade.

If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. But I did. I got lucky.
It still works.