Adventures in Overspeeding with TTG01

I have a SOHW-812s that so far has worked great. I flashed it with a modified version of the latest SOHW-832 firmware using omniflasher and whatnot. The great news is it STILL works great. Also I have a stack of TDK 4X DVD-R Discs (TTG01) and I was expiramenting with “overspeeding” them or whatever you want to call it. I changed the firmware to write them at 8x using the TTG02 write strategy which is I assume an 8x version of the TTG01 disk. Anyways, all the discs I burned worked and were readable but i scanned them all using Kprobe just to be safe and also as a sortof expirament to see how well the TTG01 Overspeed so I could pass it on to you guys. The Results were very sporadic. I burned 11 discs and saved all of the kprobe data but the forum only seems to want to let me attach 5 files so I picked a good cross section of the burns to post up here.

The First and Second burn went quite nicely as you can see this is burning the 4x TTG01 @ 8X and then reading it with kprobe at 4x

The 4th burn was good being higher at the beginning and lower at the end… Odd

The 7th one was terrible, I rejected it and tried again. Here is the scan.

The 8th I burned at 4 speed after failing miserably on the 7th in my opinion, the 7th would play but i still rejected it. so here is the 8th burned at 4x mind you. it looks really wierd.

The next burn I was feeling gutsy and chalked up the previous 2 to bad media so I did the next one again at 8X. And here is a scan of it. Its good, acceptable at least

Basically what I guess I’m asking is what eperience do you have with TTG01 media, and why would my results be so sporadic? Most of the ones I ommitted were either good or perfect so why out of 11 discs would 1 be terrible and a few be not very good.

Also, what i was doing was ripping my CDS that I paid good money for to cue/wav and then converting the WAVs over to FLAC and archiving them onto dvd. I put them in jewel cases and am planning on storing them on a book shelf for safe keeping. How does the TTG01 hold up over time?

Well thanks in advance for the info and help…

Btw the way this thing handles attachments is really annoying, is there any way I could insert them into the actual body of the post, for instance between each “paragraph” or whatever.

Ok while I was trying how to figure out image posting and attachments which I must say i dont like at all the time I am alloted to edit my post ran out. So I’m just going to post the damn pictures here in sequential order…

TTG01 @ 6x 1213@1633 TTG02 strategy