Advent 7072 Laptop dvd/cd drive Problem!

Hi all, im a newbie and have owned my Advent 7072 Laptop in the uk for 18mths with no problems up till 4 weeks ago, basically my cd/dvd rom drive will not reconise cdr/rw , but will play dvds and only some audio cds !! Can anybody help me with this and tell me if i need a new rom dvd/cd/rw drive? and also where i can them cheapest in the uk…

My current cd drive is a Slimtype DVDRW SOSW 852S Any help please…as dont no where to start to look for a new drive, thats if i do need one !!!

Hope to hear from somebody soon/uk

Regards from brian P-S Also are they easy to change yourself?


If it’s not running it already, upgrading the drive’s firmware to PSX3 could be a good thing to try before purchasing a new one:

If it’s on the outs that’s not bad for a drive 18 mths and no it’s not hard to change them out if the new one fits (most do).