Advantages of SATA Drives. Lite-on SATA in the making?



I recently installed a plextor SATA drive in a computer I was building for a friend. I couldn’t get the same drive to work in my computer, have no idea why, so I just kept my 1633s in.

I also just recently installed a Western Digital Raptor 74gb SATA drive. (AMAZING!) Question is, will Lite-on have a SATA drive in the near future? Will the combination of SATA hd / SATA dvdrw drive be faster then the transfer between SATA hd / parallel dvdrw interface.


A 16x burn needs 16x1350=21600 KB/sec at peak speed, no problem even for UDMA2, as long as source and target drive are not connected on the same IDE bus. A SATA DVD burner has no real speed benefit.


The only true benefit to SATA burners is the fact that SATA is a single-port controller channel. This should not be minimized, it’s a considerable advantage. But, it has nothing to do with speed. Same is true for HD’s. Most of today’s HD’s do not deliver data any faster than the ATA-66 drives of some years ago, SATA or IDE, the speeds are the same.
The SATA burners that are available today have cause many issues, due to very poor ATAPI support on the SATA controllers. Until these issues are addresed, there’s no real future for SATA burners. For example, ever tried installing Windows from a SATA optical drive? Good luck if you do.

Yes, LiteOn has a SATA drive in their plans, but not until there is a suitable OEM demand for such drives. Looks like the new Sony-chipset based “5” series drives will include a SATA version at some point. Also note that at the present time, none of the beloved LiteOn drive utilities and modding programs will work on a SATA controller.

I think we will see SATA burners put on hold till the next generation of BlueRay and HD-DVD drives are fully implemented. But the bottom line is that it’s the hardware makers that are going to decide when they get implemented. Got to have decent ATAPI-friendly SATA controllers first.