Advantages of crossflashing?

I have yet another question regarding crossflashing
A few people here have noted the advantage of crossflashing A09 over 109 for better ripping of DVD s as their main objective.
Is there another purpose of crossflashing since I don’t do movies with the exception of burning the ocassional movie files but I mostly do data and partition backups.

Thanks you

If you never rip, there is nothing really important to gain from crossflashing.

Though… I like to think that the QuietDrive utility may extend the life of the drive (by reducing mechanic stress) but there is no evidence to backup this…

Thank you for your reply
Well if it is like this hen I am not in any hurry to do it
So I’ll keep it in mind when I decide to rip a dvd
Thanks again

Read speed for video DVDs.

Hi ETP :),

“Read speed for video DVDs.”

I’m not sure what you mean? Aren’t video files read at low speed anyway? :confused:

Plus I think it’s not the read speed that is locked on the 109, only the RIP speed. Correct me if I’m wrong. Actually maybe it’s technically the same thing…

The 109 has a maximum 2x speed RIPLOCK in place, which only matters when you are trying to rip original DVD movies. I have mine crossflashed and used the Quietdrive util set to Performance mode, now it rips rather nicely. If you don’t rip movies though there’s no need to bother because there are no other benefits

109 same as 108 is 5x

A09 same as A08 is 12x.

“which only matters when you are trying to rip original DVD movies”

That’s what I thought :slight_smile:

Sure! You have to read the DVD to record it! Read speed is locked at a very low level on the 109 as well as many other burners. You read it first(analyze), encode, and then burn it! That whole process is called ripping! If you never record a movie DVD ever then it has little value for you.