Advantage to burning at lower speeds?

Sorry in advance if this has already been asked several times, but I could not get the forum search box to work so couldn’t find any articles!

I own a NEC3520, although I don’t think the question is really linked to the drive I use.

I’m wondering if there is any ADVANTAGE to burning data or video disks at speeds lower than the rating of the media used?

Few months back I remember reading a post and someone was saying that “burning at max rated speed usually produces the best results”, but can’t remember if he was referring to DVD or CD and if it was DVD-video or data!

Burning DVD media at its rated speed, in most cases gives the best results.

As Dee said!

There are exceptions however; All the 8x and 16x rated media I have burn even better at 6x on my Plextor PX-712A. Maybe this is because 6x is Constant Linear Velocity?!

Anyway, on my NEC 3500 (not a 3520) my experience is that 8x media burn best at 6x or 8x (sometimes 12x) but worse at 4x. At 2x I even got a coaster with Verbatim media!

My NEC 3500 burns 16x Verbatim +R media better when reducing the speed to 12x however.

For CD-R media it varies, but 52x rated Verbatim DL+ media burn equally well at 32x, 40x and 48x (max) on my NEC 3500. The same media on my Plextor burn best at 16x (Constant Linear Velocity!).

So in general using the media’s rated speed is best, except you might get a better result by not burning at the drive’s maximum speed (too much vibration).