Advanced youtube-dl


ooooh my goodness. I’ve just discovered some of the advanced features of youtube-dl. I used to think it could just download one at a time. oooh no. It can download whole discographies, albums, what have you! Use it with ffmpeg, wrap it into a daemon or service…heheheheheh :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:


Can it also download music videos in 1440p,2160p?


It’s indeed an excellent tool! We don’t have Youtube Red here, so I keep a playlist of Youtube of songs I like that I download with youtube-dl before we go on holidays

@TL7, I think it can, e.g with this: (resolution)


It can.

If you just need the highest possible audio and video resolution, then the following command is very helpful:
youtube-dl -f 'bestvideo+bestaudio'********

To display all possible download resolutions, the following command is helpful:
youtube-dl -F********

To download and combine specific formats (video+audio) you can use the corresponding format codes which will be displayed with the previous command.
(as an example: webm@2160p60 with opus@160k)
youtube-dl -f '315+251'********


For the last year I’ve been using Advanced YouTube Client. Simple interface based around “youtube-dl.exe” that saves time when basic functionality is needed. The source code is available - simple batch file that can be modified to suit your own needs (folder location, time stamps, etc…)


Does it also download protected music videos?


so youtube red was it, you meant with high res music videos.

I can’t test it, because here we also have no youtube red.

maybe it works with an extracted cookie set:

or with the following command:
youtube-dl -u <username> -p <password> -f 'bestvideo+bestaudio'********

good luck