Advanced WMA Workshop 1.6 ready for download

I just posted the article Advanced WMA Workshop 1.6 ready for download.

kot used our newssubmit to tell us that there is a new version of Advanced WMA Workshop 1.6 has been released today.

What’s new in this version:

LAME 3.92 with ABR support…

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WMA is the worst thind since microsoft… oh wait, it is microsoft… :slight_smile:

wma is much better than mp3, even if it seems to be hard for some people to admit it. besides, using wma is legal, while mp3 is illegal. ogg vorbis is of course much better than either mp3 or wma - better compression and works also on linux

X-cuse me since when is using mp3’s illegal and wma not? So you may copy hundreds of cd’s into wma format and still not trespassing the law. I think they’re both not illegal only some of the data files are illegal. The only thing is that mp3’s don’t has any protection that makes it illegal in Micro$ofts mind.

mp3 is copyrighted by frauenhofer. both lame and radium codecs are illegal. you have to pay for the mp3 codec, otherwise using it is illegal. that’s the reason why ogg vorbis was developed - because there was no audio codec for linux before, since wma doesnt work on linux and mp3 costs money