Advanced Slideshow Editor

Hi, I’m looking for a Audio/Visual editor that will sync to music tracks with controllerable transitions. I’m not even sure if going to a video editor is overkill or the standard.

Currently, i’m only working w/ photos & not video…yet…but video may come in the LATE future…

The main functions that I need is:
- able to build a photo slide show on a timeline
- timeline must have separate tracks for photo & music
- available transitions btwn photos. eg. fade left2right, right2left, etc…
- ability to have more than 1 photo viewable at any instant in timeline on screen
- ability to place photos in different areas of displying screen
- ability to have the photos move on the screen
- all to above to preferably work in conjunction w/ each other

I’ve worked w/ Avid a long time ago where this some of this can be done w/ video clips & I’ve tried also the MAGIX “Pictures to CD & DVD” program.

“Pictures to CD & DVD” is close to what I need but it’s lacking advanced transitions btwn photos. As well i can only show 1 picture at a time on screen.

Example of advanced effects I’m looking for:
Eg1 - have 5 photos on the screen
- 1 photo in each corner & 1 photo in the middle
- each corner photo to overlap their corners with middle photo’s corner
- have perhaps photos on from one diagonal fade in & out 1 at a time from corner to corner, then the other diagonal do the same, thus only really having 2 photos visible at all times

- i can see this might be more possible to make one jpg with all 5 photos & apply effects or transitions to the 1 jpg....but is this the only way? 

Eg2 - same 5 photo positions as above
- however, each photo to appear from a point in the middle & zoomOut/move to their position
- thus 1st frames has only 1 photo visible, next has 2, next 3, 4, then all 5

I’m sure there must be some program out there that have these capabilities…

Thanks & Much needed…Greenie

For the ULead Visual Studio or Pinnicale Studio, can it rotate photos within a screen. I don’t mean just turn a photo taken ‘portrait’ orientation & change to ‘landscape’ orientation, but actually transition it from one orientation to the other?

I have Adobe Premiere 5.5 which allow clips to be moved, zoomed & rotated simultaneously on a motion path…Does the 2 software above allow this?

Do some searching at and you will find the answers to your questions.