Advanced resolution settings

In dvd to mobile/conversion settings/advanced resolution settings it gives you a choice in the middle box to select frame resolution and just under that it says resize disabled with a location for a slider and under that it says letterbox and panscan. My question is how do i enable this? I always use AVI (Xvid + Mp3)…does it work with different profiles? If so which ones? I searched the forums for answers before posting but no luck. anyone??

Not sure if you can enable…The presets automagically resize and crop…If you want to crop some more(not sure why) use a ‘Customized’ crop size in ‘Crop Settings’…

It does not work with any of the Generic profiles. It is designed to help fill the screen when converting widescreen movies to mobile devices that have 4:3 native screens (many). For the resize slider to be active, you have to select “Supported by device” and select a screen aspect ratio that does not match the original content. The way this works has changed some with improvements that were made in the automatic screen size choices DVDFab makes, but I think it is still similar. There are some posts somewhere that I made with captured illustrations but I can’t find them either. I’ll do a new one and edit it in. In effect, this feature lets you choose the size of the black bars that are inevitable when playing widescreen content on a 4:3 device, or more accurately, lets the user make the tradeoff between the size of the black bars and the amount of video content chopped off the sides (or top) of the image.

Thanks for the replys, I understand now why it wasn’t available in the generic profile but was curious more than anything if it was in other profiles. If I don’t know what something is for I’m gonna ask LOL. thanks for clearing that up!!!

I don’t use the feature much because my Archos is a widescreen device, but it is a good example of how DVDFab lets users control the output. I do use it sometimes on conversions for my cellphone.