Advanced requirements for viewing DVD-subtitles at playing-time

Hi guys,

first of all, i used to play DVDs with the latest PowerDVD Player and this player did it’s best for for a long time. I loved this player :slight_smile:
But -in these days- i have recieved a lot of DVDs and i realized that many kind of subtitles available on these different DVDs, like bad font height, width, thickness, smoothing, font type, etc.

Rougly speek, somekind of these subtitles is a sh*t. I don’t want to use any subtitle converter to made a new DVDs in my-style-of-subtitle, i don’t want to store converted DVDs on my hard disk and i will hate, if i will have to convert these subtitles to my hard disk an always load them, whenever i need to having see a film.

So, i am looking for a software DVD player for Windows XP, that solves this problem as a built-in feature or with a plugin:

A case: OCRs the recognizeable characters and allow me the change the mentioned ‘wrong’ attributes (like height,etc.) and display subtitles as a font, does that on the fly
(i know that subtitles can apppear as a bubble-text or somekind else)

B case: do the A case without OCR; process the subtitles like a bitmap to elminate bad subtitle-attribute, does that on the fly

I know that i assume/expect too much but i beleive i am not alone with this problem:

Thank you very much:

ps: if you don’t know such a player, then i am interested in a compromised solution too :slight_smile:

Use Close Caption in PowerDVD instead.

This snapshot comes from CyberLink PowerDVD Official Site

Advance DVD Viewing Options
You can select different language audio tracks, available subtitles on the DVD, view the film with Closed Captions, and choose different viewing angles using the Angles feature
(Note: The DVD movie title must support these options).

So i am interested in real, on the fly and dvd-player-level software solution:


Hmm… is this never appear as a problem to anybody?

Close caption is a dummy solution for this…