Advanced Media begins production of dual layer media

I just posted the article Advanced Media begins production of dual layer media.

Advanced Media Introduces RIDATA Brand 8.5GBDual-Layer Recordable DVD +/-R Discs Company’s Latest Optical Storage Disc Advancement Achieves
All Certification Requirements Diamond…

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So, what is competitive pricing? High, I bet.

DVD-R DL discs, great … now wait for the drives that can burn these discs. Normally the drives come out first then the media, strange.

DVD+/-R disc? I think they didn’t really read their own post as surely that one disc could do both the plus and the dash formats is impossible. Or do I not know what i’m speaking about, as usual?

No. One disk can only support either + or - since they have different burn methodology…

I think Pioneer might rush their new burner models onto the market if they are talking about releasing dvd-r DL.