Advanced azo

Could someone please guide me in the right direction or give me a link to a place where I can find some verbatim advanced azo media. Or is it just the same thing as the regular Azo??? :confused:

Where are you located?

missouri United states

Is not all Verbatim DVDR advanced azo when it is mitsubishi? (mccXXXXX - made in taiwan)? I have read that only made in japan Verbatim DVDR (made by Yuden) had another dye than advanced azo… but I only start learning all this stuff so sorry if I say something stupid :o

I’m not sure but I thought mcc also came out with an advanced or different azo dye and if so wherecan I find some

I don’t think Verbatim makes any DVDs with different types of Azo. They never mention it on their packaging. All the same IMO. Unlike CD-R, where Super Azo and Metal Azo had a massive difference between each other.

You may see Made in Japan Verbatim media with “Advanced Azo” written on it. It doesn’t make it any better than normal verbatim at all. Just means it’s made by Taiyo Yuden.

Sorry to have to correct you, cd pirate, but all my Verbatim DVD-Rs and DVD+Rs have some form of labelling indicating that the dye used is Advanced Azo or Advanced Azo+.


I was referring to differences in type of Azo. It’s always the same stuff (dependent on TY or Verb made etc). There’s no [I]different[/I] Azo technology from what I’ve seen, read, etc.