Advance question: "Reuse Cells" in DVD structure? (Van Helsing)



Well, time for me to learn new things :slight_smile:

I was playing with bought DVD-Video Van Helsing (Full Screen, NTSC, R1).
The movie is 2:11:31 hours long. The main VOB is 6.1GB.

When using DVD Shrink V3.2 to open the disc, I see 2 titles in the Main Movie section. With Full Disc option it is reported [Titile 1,2][4:23;02 long][6.1GB]. In Re-Author mode I see 2 seperate titles , each [2:11:31] [6.1GB]

It is the same movie, not Full or Wide Screen.

The programmer authoring DVD movie can use what is called “reuse cells” to save disc space. I believe it is like chaining different cells or audio or something like this. I would like to understand more.

Reported by VOBBlanker V1.6.0.4, Title 1 is "Reuse Cells = No, size 6.1GB, and Title 2 is “Reuse Cells = Yes, size 0 byte”. The Commands are different.
The help function has a small example of why Reuse Cells is used, but not how to check what it does specifically.

BTW, DVD Decrypter V3.5.2.0 reports this warning when starting in ile Mode:
W 20:34:56 Possible Structure Protection Found!
W 20:34:56 5 areas have been marked as ‘suspect’.
W 20:34:56 Dummy sectors will be inserted where necessary.

From first views of the presed DVD on standalone player I did not see any special functions to get to Title2, but I want to know :slight_smile:
I had no problems backing up Title1 using just DVD Shrink in re-author mode.

My question is this:
How do I find out what is Title2 and when is being used for playback?


Can you preview/play title 2? Do both titles have the same playing time? What about audio tracks? I don’t have the movie, so it’s had for me to make an educated guess.


I guess this site and/or forum is not the right place for advance info :frowning:

Anyway, I found part of my question. This movie has an alternate view at few points during the movie, when an icon will show up on the display, and if you press the ENTER on the remote you get it. Similar but not exactly like angles. I did not find it from Root Menu as it is activated only when you first go to Bonus Menu, and select “you are in the movie” section, and after you watch it you can activate this Enhance View mode.

But I do not understand the full technical aspect of it yet.


Ah…similar to the old Bourne Identity disc…same file size (within 1 MB) but with alternate ending. I simply select the longest playing title.


You do understand. Both titles reuse the same video material (namely cells, identified with 2 numbers, VOB/CELL IDs, as in 2/1 etc). In a title, video cells are chained together by a program chain (PGC). Program chains can chain cells in any order, and you can have 2 PGCs sharing cells. So in your case, the alternate view is another PGC (another title on your DVD), which reuses most of the cells, but inserts/replaces some with different ones for the alternate views.
If you’re curious about that, I highly recommend loading the DVD in PgcEdit (great free tool) and checking the PGC for title 1, and for title 2. By double-clicking the PGCs, you’ll see the succession of cells that are played (they’re at the right of the panel, identified by their VOB/CELL ids 1/1, 2/1 etc). You can even preview them with the small arrows at the right of the display. You’ll see that title 2 has different cells in some places.