Adult Reading Classes

A friend of mine can’t read, and I’d like to help him out, but I’m no English teacher. Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do to help him learn to read? Maybe something online; something cheap or free? I’ve found a series of basic reading videos on Youtube, but he doesn’t have a pc or laptop, all he has is an iPhone, but without being able to read, he doesn’t do much with it. If he had a pc, I could set all those lessons as bookmarks and he could go through them in order.

Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions?


Might this be something?

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Thank you. Bookmarked them. They look like what’s needed.


Does he have a DVD player ?
If so download the YouTube videos & create a DVD for him.
I have used DVDFlick for doing that .
It can be picky about certain files.
The next time I’m going to try AVStoDVD for this.
Anyway that’s my suggestion.

Just a note my mom taught my brother to read with phonics.
That was 50 years ago & he is a better reader than I am.
He just didn’t get reading with the memorization method the schools used.

I’m not sure if you will be able to access the resources here from the USA, but here is a link anyway.

Gaarry if you post a link to the YouTubes I will give downloading them a go & see what AVStoDVD will do to create a DVD from them.
If it works for me you should be able to do the same .
Then just give the DVD to your friend.

@ Dee: That page shows up perfectly. Thanks, I’ll check it out.

@ cholla: Yeah, I’m sure he has a DVD deck. I could easily do that (use dvdflick a lot). I just found a whole series of reading tutorials on Yoputube, quizes included.

I found out he is dyslexic, which is why he can’t read well. He read some things for me today so I got an idea where he is at. Seems to have trouble about every fifth word or so.