Adult film industry gets no help from Blu-ray so far



I just posted the article Adult film industry gets no help from Blu-ray so far.

About two years back, we mentioned how the adult film industry is likely to have a significant impact on which next generation format leads in the format war, however it is not until now that we can…

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the PS3 targets a younger audience then they would like? Hello?? How many under 18 people can even afford a PS3. I think that is a line of BS. The PS3 is for older audiences, university kids and original playstation/playstation2 owners are the ones who are buying them. These are the people with disposable income. Does the porn industry only want to go after married 40-50 year old men?


What?! No SUPER clear/ high quality sex on PS3?! Actually I wouldn’t want to see it anyway…If the quality is too high, bet ya we’ll be seeing something weird watching porn.


Bye bye prude-ray ! this is good news for HD DVD and consumers in general. Blu ray is a bad thing for movies and consumers. We need 1 format for movies and this guarantees HD DVD will survive. It doesn’t mean blu-ray will go away but it won’t survive as the most common format !


Ivid! “Bye bye Prude-Ray”? ROFL!!! :B :B That’s one of the wittiest things I’ve seen you say. :slight_smile: Seriously, with the billions the industry does, this should really put HD-DVD way out in front. Their sales can significantly impact this arena. Add that to the better ‘technology support,’ it would be hard to imagine (sticking to the idea of “Keep It Simple”) the industry really having anything significant to do with Blu-ray. While people don’t like to admit it, the industry has a lot of pull, and since up to this point, we have kind of been in the “doldrums,” with everyone hoping someone else will ‘take the lead’ in terms of commiting to one format over another, it would seem this gives the major ‘green light’ to the HD-DVD format. :S


How many under 18 year olds can afford a PS3??? The same one’s who have parents who buy them iPods, their own TV’s for their bedrooms, cars for their 16th birthdays, oh yeah, and VIDEO CONSOLS!!! Duh. I’m sure once mommy and daddy buy them a PS3 they can get their hands on HD pornos. But probably they’d rather play Zelda.


HD porn eh, that’s something I wouldn’t mind seeing :stuck_out_tongue:


“A few readers have e-mailed us today about the news that some of the leading porn companies, like Digital Underground and Wicked Pictures, have decided to back HD-DVD for cost and ease of production reasons (see story here at ABC News). ‘Porn decided the VHS vs. Betamax format war, so it’ll decide the HD format war too.’ is the typical comment. Here’s why I doubt it: Back in the days of the VHS vs. Beta format war, the only way to watch porn was to visit a seedy adult movie theater or to spool up a Super-8 film. So when cheap, convenient porn on tape finally arrived, it was a HUGE deal, demand was massive and it benefited VHS greatly. The difference today is, cheap porn is already available EVERYWHERE on the Internet and particularly on good old standard DVD. Also, have any of you actually seen naked people in high-definition? Let me tell you, it’s often a much better idea in theory than in reality. Porn stars may look sexy as all get out in standard definition, but… well, maybe not so much in HD. You can’t hide those plastic surgery scars, stretch marks and a__-pimples in high-def. I’m just saying. Bottom line: Porn companies backing HD-DVD is not insignificant, but I doubt very much that porn will decide this format war.” Source: