Adult film company secures Blu-ray replicating company

I just posted the article Adult film company secures Blu-ray replicating company.

Despite Blu-ray appearing like it was going to lack adult movies, at least outside of Japan, Vivid Entertainment Group is now set to be the first adult-film maker to release its content on…

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Now why would Blu-ray cost 4x times to author ? The authoring software is generating the same codec-format video files as HD DVD so that just does not make sense. Maybe because of the menu software & interactive feature components ? Still weird. Manufacturing / replicating, I can understand those being more $$.

HD porn rocks. I think I speak for everyone when I say how nice it will be to see the clarity of each and every pimple on some porn guy’s hairy arse. :r

I wonder if they’re using single or dual layer media for one or both formats?

Gives new meaning to “Playstation”… So, what is the first title? :B

@dentman42 It’s either Weapons of Ass Destruction or Big Black Poles in Little White Holes. Just kidding. :d Those are both real titles by the way. @ivid Just because both HD-DVD and BD can use the same codec-format video files doesn’t mean the authoring software costs the same. Sony and the BD gang probably charge a hefty premium for their authoring suite, not to mention the higher licensing fees, etc. I can see it being four times as much or even higher. There was on article on here recently with more specific price related information regarding BD, but I’m too lazy to try and find it.