ADSL wireless modem/router problem

Hello all, I’d appreciate any help or suggestions on this here concern of mine.

First off I have a 8mb ADSL connection.

I also have a Belkin ADSL wireless modem/router no identifying model number on the box i’m afraid but this was purchased in march this year.

My first question is, is this modem/router capable of dealing with an 8mb connection? I ask this because I previously used this modem with my old 512kb ADSL connection and could leave it on 24/7 with no problems. however now whilst connected the modem/router seems to lock up and is so hot to the touch you could probably fry an egg on it. when this happens I have to reset the router wait for it to make a connection before carrying on with what I was doing. Obviously this causes certain problems with those type of programs that you like to keep running constantly. basically it needs resetting every 20min or so.
I recall that when using this modem/router with th old 512kb connection although it also got very hot then, it never locked up.

My second question then is? if indeed this modem is uncapable of dealing with this speed of connection could anyone please suggest an alternative?

I have signed up to trial a new 20mb connection soon so any replacement would obviously have to deal with this kind of speed.

My thanks in advance to any and all who decide to read and reply to this post.

Thanks all!


Standard ADSL modems can handle rates up to 8 or 9mbit/s.