Adsl Hell

hey i have telus adsl and it’s been going wonker since like forever. It first started like 6 months ago and then it stoped for a month and now it’s happening again. Almost everytime i start my computer the adsl says it is connected but the internet will not move at all. The only way i can fix this is by disconnecting onece or twice(it varies) and then turning it back on again. I thought it was zone alarm so i have installed and uninstalled it. I’ve turned windows xp firewall on and off a few times also. Another interesting note is that sometimes i can brows the internet, but certain programs cannot acess the internet unless i have zone alarm turned on. WinMx and starcraft both did this. Others programs also. Now that i have uninstalled zone alarm this is not a problem but the internet still does not connect on startup. I really cant figure out why it will occationally connect on startup sometimes but usually not. It really makes no sense to me. Arrrrrggg. I doubt you can help but go for it if you had the same problem. I have an external Linksys modem and some cheap network card that seems to work. Thanks for the help if you can

I have a similar Adsl set up, but more stable than yours. My old cable connection acted like that.

I bought a USR router with NAT/Firewall. It connects to the internet, I connect to it. The router is set to auto re-connect if it needs to. I still run Norton Personal Firewall to keep outgoing stuff at bay.

Consider getting a router with Network Address Translation (NAT). I have never been hacked since I bought it.