Adsl broadband router newbie

At present I have adsl b/b with tiscali. I have a tel extension cable from my front door running round skirting boards upstairs to my pc’s modem. I was hoping I could get a asdl b/b router modem to replace this cabling (just altered house - ext built), ie adsl tel line>router>wireless connection to pc via router/usb 2.0 adapter.

However, reading my netgear manual suggests that I need to have the pc connected to the router via ethernet cable. Is this true? I thought I would be aiming to eliminate cabling.

Only one pc at present but purchasing 2 more for children.

help! If wireless is only possible for additional pcs and one pc must be connected to a router then I am no better off and have to install cables…

You probably need to connect a PC by ethernet to configure it first & once you’ve set up passwords , MAC address codes etc it probably could then be totally wireless.

It is certainly possible to have the wireless router as the first device after the modem, once you are past the initial router configuration.

This page describes how to set up a Netgear router on the DSL side:

thanks for yor help