AdShield 3.0



Has anyone here tried Ad-Shield to supress page ads/banners?
I am looking for feedback before being a ginny-pig for it.

AdShield 3.0 - Powerful ad blocking software supported by a team of professionals…

#2 - possible last freeware version (1.2) there.

If my firewall didn’t do ad-blocking, I’d go for Proxomitron - Or Webwasher Classic, free for private/noncommercial use

Timed trial/evalution is such a last resort for me, that I’ve never got there!

I’ll try a free version, and put up with a few limitations, and maybe succumb to the upgrade trail.


Why, your beloved IE can’t block pop-ups? Not even w/ your customized registry hack? Still too stubborn to switch over to FireFox?

If you like IE so much but still don’t want to use another browser, then upgrade to SP2. MS threw in pop-up blocker option for IE in SP2.


adblock for firefox allows you to rightclick -> block ads. its pretty tight. no idea on the adshield, sadly.


Thats not its intention at all, it merely blocks tracking cookies, not popups, where did you conclude that from?. I worked on it to reduce ad-aware output list. If I install no software ad-aware/spy-bot should/do come up clean each time, and thus far has… I might add some time has passed.

I have used Firefox and Opera before, I didn’ like them, I also didn’t have a chance to test how good they are at blocking in-page ads (these rely on code), but FireFox did not block all pop-ups (ie: Flash, Layers, intertestial pages) like PoPUpCop for IE does, hence I use IE.

In 4 years I have not had a single pop-up, why switch if it works?

My IE method would work to block most in-page ads but only using it via the HOSTS file, which I do not want to do because using it within IE has proven to be a speed-step up.

I will not install SP2 until its been out for a at least a year.

Thanks, very useful post, I will look into those and report back

by in-page ads… I meant banners… dohhhhh… sorry

thats one feature of the software I listed above:
Improves browser performance because blocked banner ad images are never downloaded.

Does FireFox block banners? I looked through their entire website, couldnt find anything about banner blocking… thanks


Firefox popup blocking is 2nd to none that I’ve seen. If you were getting popups you must haven’t used it in a long while. You should check it out now. Also with Adblock you can block basically anything, banners, flash, iFrames (many layers as you want) using wildcards too.

The security built into Firefox is leaps and bounds of anything in IE and you won’t need to worry about patching it every other day. Firefox now is a much better product than IE by a long shot. I won’t even get started on the features…


AdAssassin 3.60 is better…still useful even with sp2’s popup blocker.


right click with adblock installed -> adblock image


I forgot - - Proxomitron, the nuclear option for blocking practically anything.

The developer, sadly, quit after abuse due to an anon proxy leak issue, and even more sadly, died a year later.

Leaving us with the Proxomitron - probably the only programmable (user filters) blocking engine around