Ads match the thread



Maybe I’m a little slow in that I just noticed this, but the four blue ad links on every page match the content of the thread. In a starwars thread the ads are for starwars merchandise. In a thread about video cards, 3 out of 4 are ads for video cards.


Ads by google…should have rung a bell :wink:


I usally mostlly ignore banner and link ads which brings up another question. Does cdfreaks get paid by the click for these ads? I certainlly wouldn’t mind clicking on the occational ad (wheather I’m interested in it or not, cause I’m usally not) if it would help boost cdfreaks operating capital.


Please do not click the banners if you are not really interested. Google has a clear policy that also forbids ecouragement/incentives on websites to click on banners.


okay we won’t :slight_smile: