ADS DVDXpress Cap Wiz drivers missing?




I have recently taken delivery of a new computer … I want to capture a load of old Hi8 family videos & bought the ADS DVDXpress external capture device, as well as an extra external hard drive for saving the captures to & gold plated leads …

There were 3 programmes included with the hardware … on disc 1 is Capwiz 3.5 & uLead DVD MovieFactory 3, and on disc 2 is uLead VideoStudio 8.

Problem is … disc 1 just will not read at all. Disc 2 is fine & VideoStudio 8 has installed. I have been to the ADS website & downloaded “CapWiz 3.61 with drivers”, but when I go to run CapWiz, it tells me that “the USB driver for CapWiz has not been installed. CapWiz will not be able to preview or record without a compatible USB driver installed”…

How do I install these drivers? How do I capture? I’m pulling my fast receding hair out now!

If anyone can help, I’d really appreciate it!