ADS DVD Xpress DX2 and Windows Vista

Is the ADS DVD Xpress DX2 compatable with Windows Vista? Wanted to know before I dive into the new Windows world!!!

I would be very surprised if it was not, as ADS is a big player in the media market. The answer should be in the facs section on their web site under support.

This is from there web site, The links can be found there.

Q. Will Vista Drivers Be Available for the DVD Xpress DX2?
Ans. Use of the DX2 in Vista is currently in the Beta testing phase and has limited support. All support available at this time in Vista is listed in the text below.

First anything installed from the CD will need to uninstalled.

Then download and save the Vista Test version of CapWiz from the link below:

Beta Vista CapWiz

Once downloaded, open and install this new version of CapWiz. Restart your computer.

Next download, save, and unzip the Vista test driver from the link below:

Beta Vista Drivers

Once this has been downloaded, unzip the contents of the downloaded file into a folder on your desktop.

Make sure to follow all the instructions in the INSTALLATION file. Please read the entire document before

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I have been trying everything and have found no evidence that any available drivers are effective in Vista. I was so glad to read the above and gave it a try several times. Windows System-Device Manager says that the device is working properly but the Capwiz software provided does not recognize the drivers as up to date and will not allow an update. If you find a preocedure or driver that works, I too would be very interested.

are you running the program in administrator mode… (right click the program and select run as admin)…