Ads are slowing my pages down :(



Here in the last 2 days my pages here are slow to open with the ads. I have to wait on the ads to load. Very slooooooooooow with cable broadband. My speeds are the same when i chack them so it’s not on my end. All my surfing is fine it’s just here :frowning: Anyone else having this problem?


I don’t think it’s happening over here… I don’t seem to have a slow connection with CD Freaks…


no problems here.

do everything said on there


No problem here either on a Cable Modem… I did notice a couple refreshes which seemed a tad slower then normal but then with a site that is visited as heavily as CDFreaks is I can accept that. :wink:


use Firefox and block the ads. :wink:


use opera and have the page load the images LAST (does so by default). so nice, so nice.


Don’t have the problem since the ads are gone :wink:


Well everything was fine for awhile and back to slow page loading. 760 at the site right now so that can’t be it. Anyone else having problems?


No problems here, and I’m on dialup in Arkansas (It can’t get much slower than that)…LOL :iagree:

I also have been on the forum over on the Texas side of town on a broadband connection, and it worked fine too!!!

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind


What ads?

Then install ad-blocker extension. :bigsmile:


Thanks for caring enough to not allow CD Freaks get some money to cover all the costs for this site :frowning:

But I have informed MP|3 of this adds thing by SMS, for me too it takes about 1 minute to load a page…this is frustrating indeed (never had this problem before)


We also had a small server problem that was fixed a few minutes ago. I hope loading times are OK again.


Loading times are fast as usual again.

Thanks for your help (I will call upon you for some other matter soon, hopefully today :wink: )


I wonder what that could be. Maybe I should get myself a ticket to the Bahamas, so I’m unreachable. :iagree:


TAX & Liggy > Thank you. It’s running fine again :slight_smile:


I also prepared something to keep the forum running, even when our adserver is down. But since I made a little mistake when configuring the DNS, I can probably not activate it until tomorrow.

I also need to discuss this with Domi first.


What I wanted to do probably doesn’t work the way I thought it could work


Well i know you have to keep the ads going. That pays the bills. I’m just glad someone else noticed it besides me. Thank you for taking the time to figure it out.


I get no ads and Ferefox is fast. I’m on dialup and block popups.also have Spybot - Search & Destroy, Microsoft AntiSpyware, AVG ANTI-VIRUS, all FREE EDITION.


Liggy > The site is working great today. WTG if you changed anything. Currently Active Users: 1039 (108 members and 931 guests) I get this when clicking Get New posts: :wink:

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