Adobe Security breach affects 2.9M customers

We’ve just posted the following news: Adobe Security breach affects 2.9M customers[newsimage][/newsimage]

Massive security breach affects 2.9 Million Adobe customers

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Could the Master Control Program be behind all of this? Or, is someone having serious thrill issues?

All Disney quotes aside, these hacks could make for some serious long-term issues for these companies, as well as for eeveryone who happens to have usernames/passwords for these sites. Truly unfortunate for everybody.

I just love these companies that have lack luster security & then when they get breached their solution is to offer a one year subscription to a credit monitoring while you can get this one year subscription to a credit monitoring for free on your own

Free Credit monitoring … pity though don’t post protection against people moving of with your entire identity and applying for loans on your behalf …

this is what they get for moving to the BS cloud & subscription based system. Unfortunately if anyone, its the customers who will suffer from this.