Adobe Reader Speed-Up 1.30

Adobe Reader Speed-Up 1.30 now available

A Must have Freeware

Adobe Reader Speed-Up significantly decreases the amount of time required for Adobe Reader 6.0 to start by disabling most of the least used plugins. Plugins can be freely enabled and disabled, if required.

Currently supports free and full versions of Adobe Acrobat v3.0, v4.0, v4.0.5, v5.0, v5.0 CE, v5.1, v5.5, and Adobe Reader v6.0 and v6.0.1.

Hmm, my Adobe Reader 6 starts in about 4 seconds - I don’t think this is too much.

Its good for people with older PC’s. Mine also started in about 4-5sec, now starts in like 1-2sec!!!

In my box is a XP2200+ CPU
Just 1.8 GHZ clock but still fast enough for Adobe R6 :slight_smile:

yay for this. if only they could make the entire program exactly like it was in version 5 :stuck_out_tongue: