Adobe reader 7.0 What's with all this stuff installed?

I was using Adobe reader 5.0 for a long time, but some PDF files recommended to update Acroread to a later version.
I downloaded 7.0 and installed it after uninstalling ver 5.0
Once 7.0 was installed, I decided to try the online update.
It downloaded a ton of stuff and when updating, I had to reboot my XP machine 3 times!
There were 3 updates, requiring a reboot for each.
Now, I decided to check my install directory, (It’s called Acrobat 7.0)
It is 147MB (!!?)
I just have the free reader, I don’t have the full Acrobat suite.
Does anyone else have this huge install, just to view/read PDF files??
I may decide to uninstall it and read/view PDFs on my Palm or my Zaurus.
These devices read PDF files with a 2-3MB footprint of install files.

Perhaps you’d like to try the free Foxit Reader 2.0, you can find it at

It’s by far less bloated and it is generally considered a good alternative, although of course you’ll have to try it for yourself to see if it really suits your needs.

Thank you eregil,
I downloaded it and will try it later when I have time. :slight_smile:

My Acrobat 7 folder on this machine is 96.6 megs, but I probably never updated it. On my other machine it’s 110 megs. I probably updated that won, but I don’t remember any re-boots. I know when I install software these days I have to look very carefully and uncheck any extras I find.

I don’t know what’s in there but the good news is it works better than version 6, or version 5 or any of the earlier versions. Of course it would be hard to find any software that didn’t :slight_smile:

It does load faster than it used to and so far I’ve never had it hang while download a .pdf file on my dial-up. Earlier versions would do that regularly and I had to kill them with a 2x4.

When I downloaded the latest version recently it included a couple of other programs like some sort of album starter software. I think they are stripped down trial versions to try to get you to buy more of their software. I would check add/remove programs to see what it installed, and uninstall what you don’t want.

Try looking in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\Setup Files and see if there are some setup files of older versions you can remove.

All updates on-board and mine weighs 121MB. Can´t find any old installer exe stuff to get rid of…

I have 7.0.8 and it is 188mb. :eek:

I run 7.0.8 on four XP machines and one Server 2003 machine.
It is 65.1 MB on all machines, as indicated by Everest.

The first thing I do after Adobe Acrobat installations is disable updates and notifications and then remove the QuickStart from my Startup folder, which automatically removes it from Windows startup.

I allow no programs on my system to automatically check for updates and only allow my antivirus program to run at startup. Nothing else.

And that’s the way it should be so you don’t waste resources.

:cool: :cool:

I’m using foxit reader2 and it rocks! At about 2Mb, is faster and better than Adobeshit anyway you look at it.

I had the same thing, the 3 reboots were very annoying, I guess you can consider alternatives, as one was already mentioned here. I would liek to propose another just for a mix… Ghostview. Just google it.

I´ve deleted a few bits and bobs and got mine down to 111MB

Why the hell is it so big…like, what´s it doing that these others at 2MB don´t do/have?

well reading ur problem …it reminds me to a similar problem …in my case
it is kaspersky antivirus 6 …i noticed few days ago that this antivirus is taking too much of hard drive …it is taking around 430mb extra memory according to my calculations… i updates it daily atleast 3 times…and then where antivirus save backup files…like infected repaired files etc or updated files …that folder’s ws size was 400mb+ …so i tried to remove it by first clean things from antivirus properties…and then try to delete it manually by disabling anitvirus…
but problem is stilll there :frowning: i am not able to disable the services of kaspersky :frowning:

soo wt should i do now ??? uninstall it and then reinstall ??? but when i will updated it …i will be having same problem ???