Adobe Premiere rebate question

This is sort of a funny question, but I just want to get some clarification so that I don’t end up doing the wrong thing . . . .

I’m trying to send the rebate for Adobe Premiere. It states that I need to send “Proof of Purchase Tab #1 located under the top flap of your Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 box. (Tab #2 will not be accepted.)”

I’m not clear on what the “tabs” are. At first I thought they were the flaps but it says that Tab #1 is under the top flap. Can anyone offer some clarification.


proof f purchase usually means there’s a upc code (barcode) on it.

i don’t have a box in front of me so i can’t verify for you so i hope for your sake there’s only 1 tab with a barcode on it! :slight_smile:

and it’s not a silly question…it’s good to overthink those rebate things. if you do the tiniest thing wrong they have the right to refuse the rebate which SUCKS

Thanks for the response . . .

There is only one sticker with a barcode but it’s on the back of the box. I don’t see how it could be called a “tab” and it’s not “under the top flap.” So I don’t know if that’s what they want. . . .

I wonder if they make it confusing on purpose. :doh: