Adobe photoshop, Copied Winrar file installation

I have obtained a winrar file of Adobe Photoshop 7 and i have unzipped the file and in it i have opened the Setup.Exe file and have begun to install Photoshop.
i get to a point where i am asked for a registration (first name, last name, and product key)
i have a product key, as this file was from a friend, and she gave me the product key number.
She had also used this photoshop as im aware.
Will i get introuble for registering this product key under another name, since i have not paid for it and because it is alread registered to someone else?? should i put my full name or make one up just incase?
PLEASE HELP! :frowning: someone that had done this with photoshop before

Yes, when you register the company will know that it is already registered to someone else.
As you have not acquired the program in the legal sense I doubt you’ll get any help here.

It sounds you are trying to install software you did not legally acquire. This is illegal and against forum rules.

Please respect CD Freaks by respecting our rules.