Adobe Flash & Java issue

Okay, so I this morning when I turned on my PC, it told me to update my Adobe Flash Player, so I did. Then I went on a website that I go on daily, and one of the applications on that site said: You need Flash Player to see this app. (I normally could see it all the time without issues).

Then I went onto You Tube, and it wouldn’t let me view any videos. It said: “You either have JavaScript turned off or you need to get the newest version of Adobe Flash Player here”.

So I restarted my computer to see if it was just a glitch. Same thing. So I updated Java and it’s STILL the same.

So then I went into my Control Panel, under Programs & Features, clicked Adobe Reader 9, hit “Uninstall”. It gave me two option:
Uninstall or Repair.

I hit repair, it’s still the same. :a

What do I do now?

Thanks a lot.


PS: My computer is brand new. It has Vista.


Well, I uninstalled Adobe AIR, Adobe Flash Player, and Adobe Reader. Then I re-installed all three again, and restarted my PC, and it STILL isn’t working.