Adobe Encore DVD 2.0, Can someone Help?



Hi all, I hope someone may be able to help me here… I’ll try to be as brief as poss… I have recorded some TV progs and am in process of authering them using Encore 2.0
I have a main menu with 2 buttons (play all and select episode) the select episode then leads to 2 futher menus where you can select the episode you require, all this seems to work fine the problem arrioses when I try to assign the assets to the play all button as I want the episodes to play one after the other, now this is ok assigning end function of each asset to lead to next until I reach the end of the third asset, if I assign it to go to fourth it adds the fourth to the end of the third in the select episode selections… Hope you can understand what I mean!!! Any Ideas greatfully recieved.
Thanks bj :confused:


Encore is a pro software and not cheap. So, please contact the author/coder.