ADOBE Encore divx to DVD

:rolleyes: :slight_smile: hi im just working in my own project doing my first dvd, well i downloaded somo darkstalkers anime episodes, in spanish, they are 25fps and 3xx x 2xx dont remember well, so first i take the video with virtual dub, take the audio to wav and then disable the audio, after that a rescale to 720x480 and 29.97 fps (ntsc format for encore), and resave the video track and again a did it with divx 5.11, i have to use elisoft codec pack, i did have divx 5.02 pro, but i didnt play the avi files well, i even check for errors with wirtual dub and nothing, so that why i installed elisofts, well now i have the avi and the wav, so i imported to encore, no probs there, then the tricky part the TRANSCODING SETS"""… i did a custom settins to reduce (there are 4 episodes of 40min each), the seconds of avi and audio data togheter to 900kb/s(i think was something like this), well the final size of each episode is 1gb aprox, with the menus and some intros i did in 3d max, i has a total of 3.63 burning size, well i transcode everything the wav files, the menu files, the avis files from intro(dont remeber what codec but not divx), but when i tried the divxs files the video without audio , i get an error, if “transcode now” right clicking, i get the list and skips the video files. what could be happening?, even try automatic trans, and the same prob, im now reencoding to .mov and seems whats happens, i use windvdcreator to save it to dvd ntsc, but i stops about 15min, and also the size its to big for my project, and i dont seem to many options in this program to reduce it, and of course encore does not transcode this file, cause it already been. well that all … hope someone :smiley: can help me i have been stuck in this for about a week :confused: :bow:

follow Chickenman’s divx to dvd-r guide, it’s top notch.

guide is here

What a complicated avi PAL to NTSC conversion. As kremb said, check out my Tutorial. Set the CD size to 1110 ( thats 1/4 of the normal 4440 dvdr size) and encode each to their own separate folder. Read the note at the bottom on how to do the PAL to NTSC conversion. Then author them in TMPGenc DVD Author (or DVDLab or Maestro or…) each to a new Track and set up the menu to your liking. Compile, check and burn.