Adobe Audition - Time Stretch


I’ve got a problem with Adobe Audition and the ability to drag and drop an audio file to stretch the length of time of the audio track.

I will outline the following scenario below, I am;

  • In Multitrack View, an mp3 audio file is in Track 1
  • That View -> Enable Clip Time Stretch is checked
  • Within ‘clip properties’ the ‘lock in time’ is unchecked
  • When the cursor is placed on the bottom right or left handle, a clock picture appears
  • I can drag the audio file to expand the time
  • A pop box appears stating ‘Time: x% (xx:xx:xx)’ which increases or decreases when dragging the audio file right or left

The problem is;

  • when I let go of the clock picture (stretching right, using the bottom right handle) the finish time increases but the actual audio does not.
    ie the time increases only offering a blank or zero sound

  • furthermore when I reduce the time (stretching left, using the bottom right handle) the audio is cut (not reduced) when I drop the clock picture

  • the reverse outcome occurs if I stretch left using the bottom left handle

Any thoughts?