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I am hoping to start a discussion on using Adobe Audition 1.5 here. I’ve posted to DMN Adobe Audition Forum but it does not seem all that active, although there is lots of good info there. Perhaps there are not a lot of Audition users?

I am trying to use Audition in conjuction with Premiere Pro with an end result to make DVDs with Nero. I am here a lot in regards to Nero and here for Premiere:
DMN Forum on Premiere.

So, are there Audition users here? What do you use to create voiceover for video? How do you add vocals and whatnot to video?

Audition proports to be able to handle multitrack mixdowns for audio, with a video preview of the visuals in realtime with the audio. That’s perfect but I can’t get it to work when I try to record voice audio into a voice track while watching the video. How would u do that?

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I’am using Cool Edit Pro. V 2.1.
I don’t know how much they canced it after Adope bougth it.

it’s really the same program but with one striking difference, the ability to bring in AVI files and preview them while editing. I did not see that in cool edit pro 2.1. there is a video preview window you can watch and at the same time do a voiceover recording in a track below. but the problem is that the recording and the video get out of sync on my machine, so it’s worthless in that regard. i have to do the voice over then cut and paste it to make it fit.

there is also a complicated procedure to make editing within premiere pro (mixdowns) possible using audition, but it’s a real pain and I found it easier to just recompile the avi within audition, then import back into premier and delete the old avi.

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I use my Camcorder to record the voice over and delete the video file after importing it to the project timeline.

hey thanks for answering this post, i almost gave up hope! but ur solution is really a good one. if i understand what u are saying:

1.assemble the video in premiere
2.write the assembled video back out to the camera
3.use audio dub to lay down the voiceover? never done this but read it’s possible, as long as 12-bit audio was used in the first place
4.recapture the video in premiere.

sounds brilliant. this gets the pc out of the equation alltogether, which is probally the problem with doing this in audition anyway. i’ll give it a shot, thanks!

Use your camcorder to record your narration. Then import your recorded narration (audio & video) into your program. Delete the unwanted video track and position the audio track in your project.

thanks, even easier. i sure was hoping to use software for this however, and was teased by Audition…multipe takes and all of that. I guess I’ll have to write more script and do less improvisation…

Its really fun using the Audition software wherein you can make your own non-stop mixdown cd . I got the hang of it from the time it was still Cool Edit pro up to what it is now. Its feels good to be able to edit your musics pitch , normalize it , equalize , crossfade , overlap and much more. I use most of the Vegas Direct X plug-ins on it because i find it more precise as compared to Auditions plug-ins but thats only my opinion. Have a nice day…

yes, audition/cooledit is really a cool program. i was able to create samples for our CD in minutes for this web page:
The CD
see ya!