Adobe Acrobat Reader Save and Open Location?

The Adobe Acrobat Reader save and open location is My Documents, and I have to browse to folder where I want files saved or opened. Is there a way to change that to another location chosen by the user without having to do multiple clicks to browse to desired location?

As far as I know, after you have clicked several times and showed the program frequently used folder, it begins to open it by default the next time. Doesn’t it?

I was running version 7 and tried version 8 with same results. Finally version 9 opens to folder last opened which is what I want… It was apparently just a version issue.

If you only use the Adobe Acrobat Reader and no other Adobe products, i suggest deinstalling Adobe Acrobat Reader all together. It’s pretty bloated software and version 8 and 9 have a lot of security holes. Readers like Foxit or Sumatra (i recommend this one) are very fast and work 99% of the time.

If you must use Adobe Acrobat Reader, better use the latest version, which is version 10.1 if i’m not mistaken.