Adobe Acobat 7 Prof

I had seen the demo of Adobe Acobat 7 Prof. near by store
they use 900Mhz Celeron Processor with 392 Sdram
and opened 93mb scanned book with 999 pages with Adobe Acobat 7 Prof.
it only take the click to open that huge size file. i really like the software.

and then they use Adobe Acobat 6 Prof. to open that file on same machine it took about 15-20 seconds to open.

That means Adobe Acobat 7 Prof. is really fast which can work so fast on celeron machine.

i really want to buy this software

the first time you start acrobat 6 it has to load lots of plugins into memory.

Check THIS thread out!!!

Adobe Acrobat 7.0 also has the Quick Launcher which is added to the Startup which makes a significant difference in load times.