Has anybody tested these CDR’s yet?
There is a computerstorewho sells these 100 min ADM CDR’s for 0,60 € a piece.

check results here

Don’t know this brand.

Do you have the ATIP/manufacturer information?

Awaiting your results :smiley:

I ran CDSpeed running at 32x.
I’m now running it at 4x. I’m waiting for the results.
An article at Tomshardware tells you that you can only burn 100 minutes running at 4x or 2x:

"Additionally, the lowest writing speed for the burner should be 2x or, at most, 4x. If you use speeds that exceed these values to burn a blank oversized CD, the process will generally be abruptly aborted and the CD ruined. "

Although these were tests buning 100 minutes on a 99 minute CDR…

:frowning: Too bad, same results at 4x

The strange thing is that he always says it is a 15 minutes disk

In clonecd I also get a warning that the inserted disk is only 15 minutes…

I have some 90min discs that is identified as 11 minutes long, so oversized discs may be identified strangely.

Do you have problem writing them? Remember that you must overburn to write up to the actual capacity, and not all programs and writers support overburn.

I did several simulations in Nero and they went fine.
I burned a disk at 32x till 99:11 successfully, but with the CDSpeed Scandisc it turned out that the CD is full of errors…

Would you care to give us the ATIP? :slight_smile:

ATIP according CDRidentifier is : 97m 27d 19f

check the screenshots here