Adjusting Gain on MP3 files



This may be long, so please bear with me.

  1. I have a number of MP3 and Wave (music) files on my hard drive.

  2. I got a Philips Go Gear Vibe a few years ago to play Audible audible book files. 3. I decided last month to “drop & drag” onto my Vibe some of the old MP3 files (50s & 60s) music that I had ripped many years ago from CD albums I owned.

  3. Yeah, I’m old, joined back when it was CD Freaks and I was burning CDs with this music to play in my car, but I’m posting this here in the Newbie section because my level of knowledge, etc. is that of a newbie. I had a Polderbits audio recorder and editor that I use for years, but last year they “disappeared” without a trace.

I think what I need is a simple and free piece of software that will easily permit me to “adjust” the volume of these MP3 (and the converted to MP3 Wave files). Each one seems to play at a different level of gain and in some case when the gain is increased it causes distortion.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help.


Lots of people use MP3Gain for this. I’m not an expert on audio however, so its not something I’ve used a lot.

I’m pretty sure it modifies the original file however, so if you want to test it, I’d make a copy of the mp3 in a Test folder first, then use the program on this mp3 rather than the original.

Read through the Help manual to get a better understanding of the program.


Perfect! Exactly what I needed.

Downloaded with ease, installed and got it working. Have already “fixed” seven MP3 files on my Playlist 1.

Thanks for your fast response.