Adjust Mbps

Recode is like. . . really odd. I have never used an encoder that doesn’t allow you to adjust the Mbps or frame rate of the movie you would like to create. I know it is intended as a backup tool for DVDs but the codec is so cool. . . I’d loave to be able to use it for clips on my website. . . <sigh>. Are there some options I’m not finding?

There are different profiles that offer different results. Make sure you open the “more>>” tab at the bottom. You can also adjust target size of the file, thereby in a way adjusting the bit rate.

Ok. . . new day. . . fresh look at it. If you turn off “Fit to Target”. . . you can adjust the itty bitty Video Quality slider (Yay!) . . . and when you hit the “Video” button you can adjust the image resolution. Thats all I was looking for. I’m back to being amazed at how cool this is turning out to be. I just thought I was buying some CD burning software. . . :cool:

Oh yeah, and of course, you can do that :wink: