Adidas new ad - how do you like it?



I adore Jenna Jameson! Are the going to show smth more hot in cable networks? :o :o :eek: :eek: :disagree: :disagree:


Please don’t crosspost…it’s against the forum rules, and confusing for members. :slight_smile:

Thread deleted in the Newbie forum, since it’s being posted in multiple forums :wink:


Wow thats just crap. How can they even mess up anything that has JJ in it? And this is supposed to be an ad?


And you joined , just to post this?


Why did you join Tone?


Um… now that you mention it, it was help to backup The Sims.


I’d ask why you joined debro, but I know you was here before the site was :stuck_out_tongue:


i think debro was around even before the bing bang
plus he was the first to wear underwear on his head
and the first to sell out to the aussie borgs

now who will tell me why i can not get any that mp4 to play? I get some sound, but i guess i should be getting image too right? DivX5/xVid installed


Just DL VLC ( Video Lan Client ) … best videoplayer there is … you find it here :

I dont think there is a format it cant play … runs on Mac, Linux, Windows … and the videoclip … not that much to see anyhow


well, actually u don’t need DivX or XviD, as MP4 Videom is meant especially for Quick time and Nero Digital Media, u can get a free QT download from their website, or use Nero Show time if u have it installed, Nero ShowTime plays MP4 even better than QT…

and well, i think “Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.” (i think it was RankOne Media before?! wasn’t it :confused: ) has made the site CDFreaks ESPECIALLY for debro, so he can find a place to stay, live and post :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :bigsmile: :flower:

@ Arachne!!! i’m not sure but, have u always been a moderator? or have i always been blind :o :o :o :o :o
and hey… nice avatar :flower: :flower: :flower:


God created Debro to play backyard cricket before he created the first day.
Unfortunately god was a shocking bowler and Debro slapped the ball for a six. Unfortunately it hit gods forehead and shattered creating Life, the universe and everything (but most importantly Douglas Adams), and knocked all the sanity out of gods head. That’s why nothing makes sense.

Of course, Debro got 9 runs overall, which is why the answer is 42.
The universe of course is based on 13 (in base10), the sum of good & evil ie: 6+Leader & 6+No Leader (Anarchy) respectively.