Adhesive CD labels?

Has anyone had problems with adhesive CD labels, iether damaging the CD (because of chemicals in adhesive) or do they peel off in time…Any comments appreciated. :frowning:

The only problem ive encountered is when playing the cd’s in my car cd player. Because it get so hot, plus the heater is directly above the player, they bubble etc.

So if i’m doing a cd for the car, i just write on it. if im doing anything else to play on pc or home system etc then i use a label just because it looks pretty!

I had the same troubles (although i dont regularly use labels)

i was using a popular brand, my appologies for forgeting the name…i had the same issues, got to hot and would bubble or peel…

by chance i changed to a no name, just in a plastic bag cheapo pack that i got from a stall and it didnt appear to bubble so easialy in the car player.

before you give up on the labels, try at least 2 or 3 brands.

Personally, Istoped using labels. Not only do they mostly peel off when in use for a long time, but I had the misfortune of having it mess up the burning as well. The label I used was also some cheap Staples brand, I kept on getting errors while burning. Apparently the label adds weight to the CD. Thus causing one side of the Cd to be heavier than the other and resulting in uneven rotation. This rotation resulted in many coasters. Now I use a marker. Simpler.

may i ask why you were putting the labels on BEFORE you burnt the CD ?

I too would like to know that??

I was stupid back then. I had the burner for about a week and the cd’s came with the labels in the same box. I decided to be lazy and just put the labels on so i won’t have to do it after each burn. :o Hey, its all part of the experience of learning by mistakes.