ADHD is a fictious disease .. or is it?



Wonderful news today. ADHD is fictious. Really? Is it?
What does that mean anyway?

Let’s analyse this “news” for a couple of minutes:

Item #1:

Before his death, father of ADHD admitted it was a fictitious disease.

According to item #1 :

As explained by The Sons of Liberty host Bradlee Dean, who also writes for The D.C. Clothesline, ADHD was merely a theory developed by Eisenberg. It was never actually proven to exist as a verifiable disease, despite the fact that Eisenberg and many others profited handsomely from its widespread diagnosis. And modern psychiatry continues to profit as well, helping also to fill the coffers of the pharmaceutical industry by getting children addicted early to dangerous psychostimulant drugs like Ritalin (methylphenidate) and Adderall (amphetamine, dextroamphetamine mixed salts).

Item # 2:

Genesis Communications Network: The Sons of Liberty

According to item #2:

The Son’s of Liberty is the first Conservative talk show that is not afraid to speak the truth, to step up and say America was founded on Christian Judeo principles - like it or not!

They take on today’s political hot items and the problems we face. Tracing them to the roots of the issues and bring to conclusion that many of these issue have a direct correlation to our straying from the foundations laid by our forefathers, including the biblical basis in which our country was founded. That disturbing fact is so unsettling to the left, that they cannot wait to hear the next show!

Item #3:

Wikipedia about Leon Eisenberg

According to item #3:

In February, 2012, the German weekly publication Der Spiegel reported in its cover story that Eisenberg spoke of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in his final interview, seven months before his death, that ADHD as the prime example of a “fabricated disease”. Eisenberg remarked that instead of prescribing a ‘pill’, psychiatrists should determine whether there are psychosocial reasons that could lead to behavioral problems.[10]

That [10] brings us to…

Item #4:

Der Spiegel

(Google Translated) ADHD is a prime example of a fabricated disease, “Eisenberg said.” Genetic predisposition for ADHD is completely overrated. "

Soo, what do you think. Is it a fictious disease? And is that so wrong?


Self fulfilling prophecy, too, and always supported by big pharmaceuticals, therefore the doctors benefit. Tell a child they’re sick, and treat them like that for a few hours, and poof - they are! Start them younger and younger, too, when they lack the native aptitude for contrarian thought processes. “Build more monsters! That’s what we need!” I think Charles Whitman SENIOR used that slogan.


I think there’s a huge lot of miscommunication and bad quotations going on here (On the internet? Amazing!).

I think Eisenberg said that it’s not a real disease (as in, not a physical pain and a mental condition/status) and it should not be treated with pills. I think he meant it’s as fabricated as hallucogenic drugs are giving fabricated physical symptons.

It fascinates me how such a quote can be derived into such an amazing “discovery” 3 years later.

It’s almost unbelievable that now everybody thinks the pharmaceutical industry is the evil system. Sure, they are companies that love profit (above anything and everybody else), but is this drivel of misquoting really the sole basis on which people form their opinion of good versus evil?


Here’s another side of the tale. Anyone want to vouch for the journalistic credibility of “NewsMaxHealth”?

But their report "1 In 10 US Kids Have ADHD: CDC" is being passed along various “news” websites, too. “Repeat it often enough…”

That’s a whole other disease and another facet of evil to consider! I can only chuckle at the amount of mid-article advertisements they place.


trying being an adult with adhd…and ocd

whew…finally got some docs who treat me and not each symptom…


I think many of the physical ailments we face today are due to the foods we eat. My wife and I have changed our diet radically the past four months and the results have been eye opening to say the least. IMO, many of the physical, and mental, problems we face today have a direct link to all the processed foods we eat. Through diet, I have eliminated all medication I took previously. Most developed societies are heavily dependent on processed foods and they are probably the ones that consume the most medications. I think this correlation is not by accident.

I used to make fun of people following diets like I do now but not any longer.


We took in a senior high school student who they said had ADHD so he could finish high school. The child did not now that 3/4 was larger that 1/2. He had made it all the way through school in special ED. The one thing they said was that he could not concentrate. When I had him working outside I would tell him I needed something and he would bring something else. Once I confronted him on this and told him that I thought he had got through life turning out things people said to him when he was doing a job and that he needed to think about what a person was telling him, I never had a problem again. I had a neighbor who offered him a job during the summer doing outside work and she had a problem with him working. The work was hard and it it was hot. I got him a job at a fast food place and he did great. Also the school had told me that he great at certain things. These were the things he wanted and liked to do. I will always say that this kid had one big problem and it was school system and parents who allowed him to use ADHD which they tagged him with to learn very little in school. The school even wanted him to go a college to learn a trade he was good at, but he would also have to take other college classes. He would never be able to do it and his only hope was to go to a trade school that would teach him the trade he liked.
When he came to live with us they told us he wanted to go the Navy when he got out of school and that we would have him only for the one year. Will anyone who does not know that 3/4 is bigger than 1/2 could not pass the Navy or even the Army test. This Kid was great with computers because he was very smart, but good old special ED which schools get extra money for took that away from him. He could have been taught that about 25 percent of what we do is not what we like or want to do in life but what we have to do in order to do the other 75 percent we do like.
He us not the only kid that I have seen special Ed destroy. After my daughter died we moved to another state and my son who was just a few years old was placed it special Ed after a few weeks with the school saying that because of my daughter death and moving to a new school he needed to be in special ED. I was a lot younger then and let them do this. He spent the whole year playing and talking with the Special ED teacher and at the end of the year they said he needed to be held back since he MISSED TO MUCH CLASS BECAUSE OF SPECIAL ED. My son had got good grades before this
but after that it was all I could do to get him all the way through high school the reason was they had taught him that he did not have to do things he did not like. Today He thinks me that I pushed him.

If you ask me what I think of ADHD I will tell anyone I do not buy it in most cases. It is just a easy way for schools to give a kid a pill and make him calm in class but not teach him anything. 3/4 IS BIGGER THAN 1/2



I think anyone can have a psychological problem .
Sometimes a real medical cause for it.
Many times it is as samlar posted an induced problem that wasn’t real.

I do have this to add about the school system.
This was about 50 years ago. I think that is when some the lower quality & laziness of some teachers began.
This is about my brother & that he failed second grade because he couldn’t read yet. Back then parents usually left this pretty much to the schools to teach reading.
My question is how for the whole of first & second grade did teachers fail to recognize this ?
And further inform my parents .
Their answer was he needed glasses & hadn’t been able to learn to read because of that. My parents took him get glasses & got him some . He wore them for one year.
They were weak & he really didn’t need them. To note he has passed every eye test he has ever been given. Those include a pilots medical exam necessary for a pilots license . Also he passes the test & has a concealed carry permit. Now that he is 58 he does use the store bought reading glasses for close reading but has only done that for about 3 years.
Here is the real reason & solution . He just didn’t get the memorization method used to teach children to read at that time. My mother got a book on Phonics & had him reading up to speed over one summer.
He always regretted having been put back a year from the kids that were his age.
Parents back then didn’t argue much about this. Now they probably would have stood up to the school to move him to his original grade.
Kind of makes me wonder how a kid as samlar writes about gets continuously moved up when he shouldn’t & one is held back when he shouldn’t be.
There is one additional positive . I was able to learn by the memorization method of reading . My brother that learned by Phonics can read circles around me for speed & retention .
I still place a lot of the blame on lazy teachers . They had their “smart” students & “pet” students . Those are the ones they spent the time with. The rest could learn or not. In other words help the ones that were easy & didn’t need much help.