Addonics IDE to Serial ATA converter



Hi all

i have a plextor PX-708A and PX-716A i purchased 2 of the Addonics IDE to Serial ATA converter{F26421B4-C2E6-EVEREST4789-845B-84BD09AB24E7}&ic=ADIDESA&eq=&Tp=
i have a ASUS A8N-SLI premium mobo i got the PX- 716A to read :slight_smile: but nero will not run :sad: so is it a nero issue or ASUS nforce driver issue i got it to bur once.


Taken from the Addonics page:

“compatible with any Serial ATA controller (ATAPI device may only work with host controller using Silicon Image chipset)”

I doubt it will work unless you have a Silicon chipset. Good news is that you could add one on if you want in the form of a PCI SATA card.

Might want to contact Addonics for the final word.

Good luck,


this is interesting. I was considering doing the same thing, buying a sata converter for my 716a. Doesnt plextor just put something similar to this on the 716a to make a 716sa? If they do, does anyone know what brand they use?


well when i have time i will this SiI3114 32-bit Windows IDE Driver Use this driver with the latest IDE BIOS to access non-RAID hard disk drives, CD-ROMs, CDRWs, DVD-ROMs, and DVD-RWs. Latest SiI3114 BIOS:5.2.16; with fresh install maybe.