Addonics Announces Mobile DVD/CDRW Drive

I just posted the article Addonics Announces Mobile DVD/CDRW Drive.


Addonics brings us a Mobile 12x 10x 32x 8x DVD/CDRW drive, the drive connects to your computer using an USB, Cardbus or FireWire connection.

The Addonics Mobile…

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Damn this looks good

Yeah, burn at 12 speed through USB…sounds very likely

But other than that, the FireWire connection sounds promising, think this will be the next standard in external peripherials with high data throughput.

It could burn 12x through USB, using USB v2, but then again, it could burn 12x using USB v1, just can’t use the computer for 5 minutes, GO take a shit or something

its not whether it burns at 12x thats the big thing… do we really want to pay $500 (about £300) for it?!

yeah, 1000m piek/500 bucks/300 pounds, sure is a lot. But you can be cheaper out for more than that. A plextor 12x comes around 600DM ($300), and about a year ago I bought a 10X Pioneer DVD drive. For just $65. (new) Now this is $365 and you get 10X DVD instead of 8X. Plus: two drives look extra cool in your PC

This is great for laptop users who want backup and DVD capabilities.

Had a customer asking for such a product today (luckily I read this before going to work )

I think I’ve seen this drive before in Tips & Truuks. If I’m not wrong, the drive is BURNed-proof too

Too little, too late…no one will buy this unless they already have a collection of hd-dvds.